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30 / 10 / 17

The Monkey’s Paw

Toronto, welcome to Fall. We’ve been spoiled with some beautiful weather this far, but as a true Torontonian, we know we are due some serious Winter weather soon, whether we’re ready for it or not. Although a day spent out hiking in the brisk weather may be for some people, if you’re anything like us, you prefer a day curled up on the couch with a book. Sound like your type of day in? Let us introduce to you,  The Monkey’s Paw. We’re not talking about W.W Jacobs supernatural short story published in 1902 (although we’re sure they carry a copy or two), we’re referring to the book store situated in the heart of Bloor and Dufferin. The Monkey’s Paw is truly a bookworms dream. Fully stocked shelves line the store walls full of rare and unique 20th-century printed items. It’s easy to spend hours going bookcase to bookcase, pulling books with intriguing titles, and quirky covers.  Still  not sure what you’re looking for? A trip to The Monkeys Paw is not complete without a visit to their custom custom-made Biblio-Mat, Toronto’s first vending machine that will dispense a vintage book for $2. Now pack your book bag (and a couple toonies) and we’ll see you at The Monkey’s Paw. To learn more about The Monkey’s Paw,visit: