26 / 07 / 17

Get to Know Bloor & Dufferin: The Vendors of BIG on Bloor

While we were at the BIG on Bloor festival over the weekend we decided to get to know our neighbours. We asked a few vendors about what makes Bloor & Dufferin so special and here’s what they said.

How long have you been in the neighbourhood?

Jessica, from Augie’s Ice Pops: I’ve lived at Bloor & Dufferin for 5 years.

Emily & Jenny, from Sausage Party: We’ve been supplying vegan eats to local restaurants and bars here for a year.

Kwasi & Rachel, Artists at JOUEZ: We’re new.

Marit Stiles, from the Toronto District School Board: I’ve lived at Bloor & Dufferin for over 20 years.

United Athletics: We’ve been here for 5 years.

Lisa Hill, from Hill’s Florist: We’ve been in the neighbourhood since 1933.


What’s your favourite part of Bloor & Dufferin?

Jessica: There’s an amazing view of Toronto from the peak by Davenport & Dufferin.

The Redwood Woman’s Shelter: Too many good bars to choose. I love the nightlife.

 Marit: The diversity, the amazing food, the sense of community, it’s a great family environment.

Lisa: It’s really welcoming to young, Canadian entrepreneurs and local businesses.


What’s something people might be surprised to learn about Bloor & Dufferin?

Jessica: I think people would be surprised by the community vibe. It doesn’t feel gentrified or over-populated, everyone knows each other.

Hale Coffee: It’s really a hidden gem of a neighbourhood.

Kwasi & Rachel: It’s really multicultural so it’s got the best ethnic food.

The Redwood Woman’s Shelter: It’s a really friendly community. And it feels like it’s up-and-coming.

 Marit: It’s a very active community. Everyone’s really eager to work together.

United Athletics: Bloor & Dufferin has some of the city’s best parks.


Lastly, what’s Bloor & Dufferin’s spirit animal?

Jessica: A friendly bear.

Hale Coffee: A Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Emily & Jenny: A chameleon, because it can be anything.

Kwasi & Rachel: A lizard.

The Redwood Woman’s Shelter: A racoon.

Marit: A racoon. Or a friendly robin who’s building a home.

United Athletics: A racoon eating a trendy ice cream cone.

Lisa: A pigeon.



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