The 35,000 sq.ft. Heart of Bloor & Dufferin

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From the new streets to the park and plaza (POPS), the new vision for Bloor & Dufferin aims to prioritize public space. But perhaps no space better exemplifies our community-oriented vision quite like the new Community Hub being proposed within the Kent School.


The fully accessible Community Hub may house any number of creative spaces, including but not limited to studios for artists and performers, galleries and event spaces, or creative entrepreneurial spaces. While our team isn’t responsible for the design and programming of this space, we will continue to work with the City as they work with the community to determine what this space should become.


We have been told that the City of Toronto’s Social Development, Finance and Administration department will be planning a community meeting sometime following the municipal election on October 22nd 2018 to discuss the next steps for the Community Hub. For more information about the hub programming process and how you can get involved, please contact Kelly Murphy from SDFA.


Kelly Murphy
Policy Development Officer
Social Development, Finance and Administration
City of Toronto
City Hall – East Tower 14th Floor
100 Queen Street West
Toronto ON M5H 2N2


The new daycare will be incorporated into the existing architecture of the Kent School with the goal to create a best-in-class daycare in Toronto. From tall ceilings, to dedicated outdoor spaces for children of different age groups, this daycare will reflect our goal to deliver spaces the community can be proud of.