As the lead developers, Capital Developments and Metropia have assembled an experienced and respected project team.


Capital Developments

Capital Developments is an industry leading Canadian real estate development company with international roots. Our mission is to invest in and develop desirable places to live, work and play and we have a history of success in undertaking innovative mixed-use projects across Canada and Europe. We believe in finding partners that get it. Working with those that care as much as we do. And developing amazing projects with meaningful connections.

We believe in finding partners that get it. Working with those that care as much as we do. And developing amazing projects with meaningful connections.

With years of experience, we’ve learned that architecture, location, interior design, glass, metal and concrete all matter. But we’ve also learned that personal connections, trust and relationships are the things we really build.



Metropia is a privately owned and highly respected real estate developer creating authentic Communities in both the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary. Metropia focuses on community building, urban renewal and design innovation. Our communities offer a wide range of housing options with an emphasis on affordability and an abiding responsibility to the environment.

Building on the company’s strong strategic partnerships and our team’s industry-leading experience, we give back to the neighbourhoods we develop in, by contributing socially, economically and physically to the benefit of the overall community.


Capital Developments and Metropia are committed to delivering a world class community and have assembled an multidisciplinary team with a proven experience delivering visionary projects through a collaborative process.



Hariri Pontarini

Hariri Pontarini Architects is a full-service Canadian firm devoted to producing work of lasting value. Siamak Hariri and David Pontarini founded the Toronto office in 1994, motivated by a shared commitment to design quality. Today their 120-person practice offers its clients in-depth partner involvement through all stages of design and the breadth of building experience and technical expertise to rigorously oversee construction.




gh3 designs in the increasingly complex realm where architecture, urbanism and landscape overlap. With a modernist’s eye to order and beauty, and an environmentalist’s awareness of sustainability and long–term thinking, gh3 creates high quality buildings and landscapes which integrate sustainability and efficiency into exceptional and diverse environments for all to enjoy.



BA Group

BA Group is a firm of consulting engineers and transportation planners who specialize in providing professional services in support of a wide variety of land development projects and have contributed to the success of thousands of noteworthy projects, in Toronto and in countries throughout the world.



Bousfields Inc.

Bousfields applies expert knowledge and creativity to find solutions to growth and development issues in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Ontario and beyond. Bousfields’ urban design and planning strategies are based on recognizing and addressing the municipal policy framework, working with the urban design character of the proposed site and implementing good urban design practice.



ERA Architects Inc.

ERA’s core interest is in connecting heritage conservation to wider considerations of urban design and city building, to a larger set of cultural values that influence our work at every scale. We produce projects with integrity through research, education and mentoring.



Brook Pooni Associates

Brook Pooni Associates is a leading urban planning and land development consultancy based in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada. The firm’s team of skilled planners and professionals bring industry-leading knowledge, strong community relationships and a solid understanding of local perspectives.



blackjet inc.

blackjet inc. is a full-service digital-forward creative agency. The company’s services include digital, design, content creation, creative and strategic planning. blackjet has a wide range of industries including place branding, automotive, sports, entertainment, real estate and insurance/financial. The company is based in Toronto, Canada.



Giannone Petricone Associates

Giannone Petricone Associates has over its 22 years created a unique lifestyle focused approach to its infilled mixed use work. With its well-honed experience in hospitality and retail settings GPAIA understands the special focus needed in creating wonderful urban experiences.